Disposable protective coverall

Affordable or Cheap Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) amid epidemics like COVID-19 is a Human Right!

It is shocking to see some people selling Personal Protective Equipment(“PPE”) amid COVID-19 epidemic at exorbitant prices, corporations imperatives indeed is to make money, however when humanity is faced with the worst catastrophe in our lives it’s more than just about profit.

Affordable PPE during epidemics is a human right, where is the intelligence in generating huge profits today from PPE exorbitant pricing, and then dying from COVID-19 the next day?

One health worker gets infected means shut down of a healthcare facility as everyone must go under quarantine, this reduces the number of available health care workers in the the healthcare industry, it is important that health care workers are protected at all times – affordably.

MarketSerengeti.com promises to strive to always offer the best prices for PPE in South Africa, because this is about saving the human race literally,

We must have affordable PPE, then government’s resources won’t last the many months till a vaccine for COVID-19 is hopefully found.

The South African government recently published a list of PPE products it seeks, and sourcing these products is proving quite a challenge for most small suppliers as one needs to understand the technical jargon of PPE world, and navigate international suppliers many time.

MarketSerengeti.com is developing a bundle PPE product named, South African Government PPE bundle, to make it easy for small businesses to find the products that the South African government needs.

Small businesses who wish to tender for PPE supply opportunities, and want to receive free tender alerts by email on PPE can search the only free tender alerting service in South Africa called TolaTender.co.za, to see PPE opportunities available now from South African government click this link now.

Author: Bongani