BOHUI T-168 Non-contact Forehead Infrared Thermometer


Employers must monitor employees for COVID-19 signs to ensures their businesses continue to function, else they risk having their businesses shut down when they are at odds with the Department Of Labour/Health in terms of employee health and safety, and a contactless thermometer is a critical PPE a business therefore must have.

A contactless thermometer is a critical PPE to detect COVID-19 symptoms especially amongst work place employees, one of the main signs of COVID-19 is a feverish condition and very high temperature an infected person has.

The contactless thermometer must meet all international standards of FCC and CE since they are the centre piece of COVID-19 detection.

Contactless thermometer for COVID-19 detection standard

We have scoured the world looking for a thermometer that meets the following main criteria of functionalities:

  • Ergonomics: ergonomics means how a human-made devise fits the person who will typically use it, health workers and employers in this case, the position of buttons was important criterion, so a thermometer with buttons by the large LCD screen is important than one with buttons on the sides of the devise, this allows the user to look at both the screen and use the buttons at the same time, this small improvement creates massive ease of use of the devise.
  • Supply Chain: The manufacturing be stable and scale on demand.
  • Price: In Africa , a 3rd world, it is critical that governments and people are able to afford the contactless thermometers, especially since they play a vital piece in COVID-19 detention.
  • International Certification: A world without standards is a world that can be interpreted in many confusing ways, we must set the standards of expected performance at all times, therefore the thermometer of choice had to conform to international standards.

The BOHUI T-168 non-contact forehead infrared thermometer fitted that profile, unlike most contactless thermometers we seen which do not have buttons by the LCD screen we note, and you can pre-order it now and read more about it by clicking here to have it arrive to you in a few days.

Our Smart Pre-Order Programme:

  • Bid below South African government price listSouth African government just made an announcement that it offers about R2,527.20 including VAT for each digital thermometer, our thermometer costs R1399* INCL OF VATcheck here to see South African government price list, so infrared contactless thermometers are highly sought after.
  • Never run out of PPE: PPE is scarce, so be smart and place pre-orders on shipments already on their way to us that will be arriving in a matter of days, and you don’t want to get a purchase order from government or private company, find that you can’t get any PPE supplies to fulfil it, learn to plan your PPE buying like you plan your monthly food groceries at home.

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* Prices are subject to change without notice due to COVID-19 factors and USD and ZAR fluctuations.

Author: Bongani