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Work from home amid Coronavirus COVID-19

Working from home is a solution for Small Businesses amid COVID-19 Social Distancing

Do you want to do “Home Work”? I call working from home.


In response to the coronavirus COVID-2019 outbreak, lockdowns and the requirement for social-distancing it puts on society, many SMMEs or small businesses are looking for ways to continue working servicing their clients, while at the same time complying with these new regulations and protecting themselves against coronavirus COVID-19.

We believe in working from home to be the best solution for this new world filled with viral outbreaks and lockdowns, when you work from home you are quarantined by default, you find that generally you don’t get ill or sick from various infections because you are not exposed to people most of the time, one person I happen to know very well has not been to a doctor in 10 years.

Small businesses or SMMEs should use telecommunication tools to communicate over the wireless mobile internet like 4/4.5G LTE with clients and suppliers, e.g. Telephone, chat texting, video conferencing, and email.

A rock solid business laptop is at the heart of working from home successfully for small businesses or SMMEs, lets face it laptops are boring, but not the HP EliteBook 840 G5 Notebook PC/Laptop(Refurbished) I recommend.

HP EliteBook 840 G5 Notebook PC/Laptop(Refurbished) is a mid-range business laptop designed beautifully, it boasts a boot in seconds solid state drive, standard webcam and rock solid metal bodysave R20 000 on a refurbished mint condition HP EliteBook 840 G5 Notebook PC/Laptop(Refurbished) with *free shipping to you.

I teach SMMEs through email newsletters (please subscribe or  join our newsletter by filling the form below) and blog posts, how to use the internet to conduct business and inform you on work from home productivity tools for teams, e.g. video conferencing, collaboration software,  affordable internet specials etc. 

It is not all gloom and doom you can certainly make an income working from home, you just need to adjust your current business operations.

*Free shipping is only applicable to major cities and towns of South Africa and if you spend more than R1000.


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