ADSL internet to shut down

ADSL internet to shut down in South Africa – Move to fibre now

ADSL to shut down on 1 September 2020 in areas of South Africa where fibre is available so prepare now and move to fibre internet or Fixed-wireless LTE now!

Shutting down ADSL internet in areas where fibre internet is available is a greatest move by South African government since the invention of internet in our view, we blogged a while back on work from home jobs which was an inaugural article mapping our vision for Africa, these jobs require faster internet access than ADSL internet, plus COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing requirements necessitate the move to work from home jobs where possible.

In simple terms, ADSL internet users in areas where fibre is available (more areas will have fibre internet in the future it is obvious) must get a new internet connection, fibre or fixed-LTE wireless internet, before the end of August 2020 or else they will suddenly have no internet access which may disrupt their businesses or lifestyles!

What internet options are available to replace ADSL?

The only options available is fibre and fixed-LTE wireless internet.

Fibre is the preferred option , if available, as it offers speed of between 10Mbps and 1Gbps, which is perfect for offices, work from home jobs, and families where many people are using the Internet at the same time.

With affordable unlimited internet data packages, fibre is also suitable for using bandwidth-intensive services like video conferencing, Netflix and YouTube without data usage concerns.

For those who cannot get fibre or want a connection quickly, fixed-LTE wireless internet is a good alternative.

Fixed-LTE wireless internet is quick to set up as no installation is required, it provides good speeds, and offers affordable high-data-usage accounts.

Get fibre or fixed-LTE now has a special offers on unlimited data fibre internet package for ADSL users who will be affected, see the packages below, we have a special on ADSL.

First step does is to check whether fibre internet is available in our area or not, if not they then check availability of fixed-LTE wireless internet.

Select one of the packages below and order online now:

You wont pay anything yet when you order now online, a sales consultant will call you to check fibre and fixed-LTE internet availability in your area to complete your order.

Author: Bongani