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How to start up a COVID19 virus decontamination service?

We been noticing from TolaTender.co.za, the only Free tender alerting service in South Africa we know of, that South African government is inviting suppliers to tender for up to 3 year contracts or tenders in COVID19 virus decontamination or sanitising of buildings and offices, click here to see these opportunities now.

The question is how does one start a COVID19 decontamination or sanitising service? Firstly I want to say COVID19 virus decontamination or sanitising is for very detailed individuals you must do this properly because people’s lives are at stake.

SMMEs in South Africa seem often to only focus on providing services to government forgetting that private companies also need services too, so opportunities of COVID19 decontamination or sanitising also exist within the private sector for you.

Watch video of decontamination in action.

You need the following tools:

  1. Fogger machine, if your main focus is targeting offices in your town then start up indoor disinfecting machine is  recommend the affordable type, like this ULV cold fogger machine at R9995 VAT inclusive, else if you want something that can be mobile and go outdoors or to places with no electricity power source we recommend this Thermal fogger priced at R14, 995 VAT inclusive. In fact we delivering 20 ULV foggers today to South African Police Services (“SAPS”) in Pretoria, we could not deliver them yesterday because the big police station was actually being disinfected after a COVID19 outbreak yesterday.
  2. PPE, you do not want to catch COVID19 yourself when disinfecting or get very sick from the disinfectant chemical you will be using, so  you will need coverall 50gsm like our SPEAR 1 COVERALLgoggles to protect eyes, a mask, and gloves for hands.
  3. Disinfectant chemical, we won’t recommend anything now, Hydrogen peroxide is popular though, because we will be introducing a new natural chemical that you can even DRINK the way it so safe, you can wash vegetables with it and they last longer, same chemical is used by your body to kill viruses and other germs, it kill viruses with 100% efficiency in fact better than the toxic chemicals currently being used by many disinfecting services. This mysterious chemical we keeping a secret till we announce it next week!

How much can you charge clients for COVID19 decontamination or sanitising services?

We been observing many such services advertisements online and they normally charge per square metre, rates range but one service that advertises their services a lot on instagram charges clients R950 and upwards, but of course if you aim to win the 3 year government contracts expect to bid competitively.

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Author: Bongani