Ramaphosa accepts wrong vaccine

South Africa buys the wrong COVID19 vaccine – AstraZeneca

President Cyrile Ramaphosa “checking” the vaccine delivery as it arrives.

The picture above shows South African President Cyril Ramaphosa checking what is reported in the media as the vaccine called AstraZeneca as it arrives to South Africa for the first time, the picture begs the question, what is he really checking? We sincerely hope it is the expiry date that he is checking, according to TimesLive the vaccine South Africa bought may expire sooner than South Africa is ready to roll it out.

The question that this embarrassment of global scale raises is does South African government have supply chain or procurement policies? Could normal procurement procedures have prevented this grave mistake?

We certainly feel strongly that had normal simple procurement questions been asked during procurement of the vaccines, questions such as when will the vaccine expire? And does it work against the current dominant COVID-19 variant known as 501. V2 or B. 1.351 found in South Africa? This would have saved South Africa this embarrassment of global scale, besides the money of course lost and human lives potentially saved.

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Author: Bongani