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Increase Sales with Google Ads/Adwords Pay Per Click/Customer online PPC advertising

R1,000.00 (VAT Inclusive) now, and R1,000.00 (VAT Inclusive) on the 1st of each month and a R399.00 sign-up fee

Why Advertise on Google Ads formally Google Adwords with us?

Get business leads or increase your business sales cost effectively too. This is suitable for Small to Medium businesses.

Advertising that charges your company only when a new customer calls you!

We help you get business leads in your area or even nationally (national advertising it is advisable you have a national 087 number), so when people search for services you sell on Google Search, your Geographic telephone number and contact details appear at the TOP, and when they call you they get welcomes by the Digital Telephone Receptionist who builds confidence in your brand!

What makes our Google Ads-based advertising different?

We made online advertising simple it is like buying prepaid airtime only this time it is time to get you customers!

You pay when your business gets a customer who is interested in your service calling you or coming to your web page.

💥Pay Per Click/Customer (PPC)

*Expect 10-30 or even more new customers per month calling your business, suppose we bring you 10 new customers and 5 buy your products/services and spend say R500 per sale. It means you have made R2500 after spending R1000 advertising which means the profit to you is R1500 or R2500 – R1000 = R1500. Advertising that pays for itself!

💥 Digital Telephone Receptionist

We not only offer cost savings for calls but more value!

We provide you the Digital Telephone Receptionist who automatically answers business leads and says “Welcome to YOUR COMPANY NAME press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts and 3 for sales or hold for the operator.”, so that when your leads or customers call you they gain confidence that your business is professional, and customer confidence in your brand means they buy what you sell!

How to order this Google Ads advertising service?

Press “sign up” button below.

Can I refer someone and earn?

Yes☺️ Join the earn a good living programme click here now.

*Terms and conditions apply. These are estimates based on historical data, but they differ by industry, for instance, one company in a niche may get 5 customers and another 30 customers, depends on demand and supply, also depends what you charge customers.


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