Earn A Good Living Referring PPE Leads

WORK FROM HOME: Earn A Good Living Referring PPE Leads Programme

Purple is colour of your new wealth

This article actually expands from our previous one on work from home jobs (“Work From Home: The Solution for Small Businesses Amid COVID-19”) where we prophesies the new 4th industry jobs coming, we not only expand but also are creating these new and more financially rewarding jobs for job seekers of South Africa at first, and for other African a little later.

We really want you to earn a good living believe me, it is our dream to see you prosper, just working from home, make R450 – R70 000 per resulting sale from a lead you refer to us who buys our Personal Protection Equipment(“PPE”) sale (in fact there is no limits on how much you can earn per sale it all depends on how big the order is) and it is no lie.

Lead provider commission report

These are trying times amid COVID-19 no doubt, our passion is to help South Africa win against COVID-19 using the Personal Protection Equipment (“PPE”) products and innovative technologies we will be unveiling soon to contain COVID-19 in communities such as social distancing devices and crowd monitoring, so that we can go back to living our lives the way we were.

Work From Home

I have wonderful news for you, even working from home with just your phone and your network of contacts (aka your Net Worth) you can earn really good money and a living to take care of yourself and your family, just by referring businesses seeking MarketSerengeti.com PPE found on our online catalogue at  https://www.marketserengeti.com/ppe-price-list/ this catalogue is updated weekly with new products and adjustments, so always check it out!

Earn A Good Living Referring Leads for MarketSerengeti.com
Earn A Good Living Referring Leads for MarketSerengeti.com
Work from home amid Coronavirus COVID-19

New! Perpetual commission for 12 months

You earn a percentage on invoice amount (VAT inclusive but excluding all other costs like delivery cost) is for you, the specific percentage is in your lead provider agreement you will get after you join, and thereafter you get a perpetual commission of half the once off when your client comes back for more purchases for up to 12 months.

Example from a typical order: Suppose a client you refer buys 100 000 (which from our experience is typical order masks, let say a mining company etc) KN95 respirator masks (recommended by WHO in times of unavailability and high pricing of 3Ms) which cost way less than normal respirator R35 VAT inclusive, thereby total sale is R3,5million your commission, then your commission at 2% of R3,5 million is R70 000 and then R35 000 every time your client order same amount of masks for the next 1 year.


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Author: Bongani